Elm Spring 1

During Spring 1 Elm class will be learning about the hot and cold climates of the world. In Geography, the children will learn about the difference in the weather in contrasting climates and how animals have adapted to live there. They will continue their work in Science on Animals and Habitats by exploring two major habitats – the Arctic/Antarctic and a contrasting warm climate.

In English, the children will be reading the story Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers: What is a boy to do when a lost penguin shows up at his door? Find out where it came from of course and return it! The children will journey with the boy to the South Pole to discover and learn about the penguin’s habitat and use this to inform some information writing on penguins and their habitats.

In DT, the children will be exploring the skills of textiles and looking at exploring suitable materials to design a explorer’s item of clothing.