Elm Spring 2

During Spring 2 we will be learning all about Explorers. We will be reading the book How to Find Gold by Viviane Schwarz. Whilst reading How to Find Gold we will be looking at how the author has explored the feelings of the characters of Anna and Crocodile on their adventures to find gold. The children will work up to writing a short letter about their adventures. The children will be developing their understanding of character and emotions using their inference skills.

We will be learning all about explorers in History. We will be doing some of our own explorations around school looking for items that explorers need for their journeys and why they need such items. We will look at Christopher Columbus and what he discovered in America and compare a historical explorer’s backpack to a more modern day explorer. We will look at Scott of the Antarctic and make links back to our studies in Geography last term.

The children will have PE every Friday and will take part in multi skills with their peer group.