Elm Summer 1

During Summer 1 we will be learning all about Sailors,  and Adventure Stories. We will be reading the books Grandad’s Island and The Storm Whale by Benji Davies. The children will be developing their understanding of character and emotions using their inference skills in these two emotive stories that focus on the dynamics of relationships between the main characters.

We will continue to learn our Phonics, English, Maths, Lexia and Reading daily across our morning sessions.

In the afternoon the children will be studying social skills, Relax Kids curriculum to learn coping strategies and techniques to manage their emotions safely; this term we will be focusing on managing our anger. This will be supported and further consolidated by the Zones of Regulation and Thrive curriculums which aim to explore and teach the children about their bodies and emotions, to help support children with their emotional and social development. The Thrive approach offers practical strategies and techniques and is built around the children’s emotional development and their individual needs; the children will also receive Growth Mindset and Values curriculums to develop healthier thought processes and resilience.

Mixed in with these sessions, the children will receive Art, Science and some topic work linked to the class text but these sessions will focus on their classroom presence, showing good looking and good listening skills and cooperative participation within the classroom setting. We aim to teach the children appropriate ways to manage any issues that arise across the school day with adult support, clear modelling and understanding of the children’s emotions.

The children will have PE every Friday and will take part in social games with their peer group.