Elm Summer 2

During the final term we will be learning all about Summer and Summer Holidays. We will be reading the book Grandad’s Island by Benji Davies. This is an emotive story about a boy called Syd who has a very close relationship with his Grandad. The pair set out on a trip together, entering on to the top deck of a ship by passing through a large metal door that Syd has never noticed before. They spend a wonderful time together on a beautiful tropical island before Grandad reveals that he will be staying there. From this, the children will explore character, depth of emotion and use the book as a stimulus to write their own Summer Holiday adventure story. 

We will be learning all about animal and habitats in Science. The children will explore an exciting scheme of work  identifying the things that live in their homes and gardens. They will begin by identifying and finding out about a range of animals and plants they might find outside. They will have the opportunity to get their hands dirty and record their findings as they hunt for animals, make homes for minibeasts and garden wildlife. Their findings will be compared to a hotter tropical setting like the one found in the story Grandad’s Island.

The children will explore both Geography and History this term, focusing on the areas in which they play and live and link this to their history topic of seaside holidays – past and present.