Literacy and Maths Group 2


Task 1: I would like you to create tongue twisters all about insects.

Here are insects you could write about: ants, moths, butterflies, ladybirds, bees, wasps, dragonflies, earwigs, spider, beetle, snail, slug, caterpillar, woodlouse, worm and fly.

Task 2: Can you create insect riddles for other people in your house or me to guess. Here is an example, see if you can guess my insect:

I make a food that’s sticky sweet,
that bears and people like to eat.
I mix a pollen-nectar batch
and store it in a special wax.
What am I?

Task 3: I would like you to create an acrostic poem for an insect. Here is an example:

Spider Spider

People are scared of spiders.

It has eight legs.

Different spiders are venomous.

Each spider builds different webs.

Red-back spiders are vicious with their bite.



This week I would like you to work on exploring fractions, in particular halves and quarters. Here are some worksheets for you to complete.