Maple Autumn 1

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Our Precious World – Recycling

During this Autumn term the whole school will be exploring the theme of our Precious World. In Maple class we will be looking at recycling and how we renewable energy sources are really important in our world today.


In English we will be studying various texts, such as, Somebody swallowed Stanley and The Paperbag Prince. These texts will help us to develop writing a story under a theme. Also through our topic of recycling, we will explore non-fiction texts and writing our own non-chronological report. Through these texts we will be developing our use of descriptive language to entice the reader as well as using different punctuation throughout our writing.


This half term in Maths we will be focusing our learning on number, place value and our calculation skills. We will develop our learning in how we create, order, compare and round numbers. We will continue to develop our addition and subtraction skills in using mental and written strategies.


In Geography, we will be looking at what is recycling and how the world is changing and also what can we do to help the planet. Also we will look at comparing our own situation of recycling and comparing that to a European country.  We will develop our map reading skills and using atlases to help locate different counties and countries.


This half term we will be learning how to create moving posters. Our designs are going to be linked to our topic theme of recycling. The children will develop their knowledge of levers and linkage mechanisms. They will have the opportunity to create different mechanisms. After this the children will then apply their new skills to creating a poster.


Staying linked with our topic of Recycling we will be exploring different instruments, how they are played and how we could make our own using recycled materials. The children will then work on understanding the terminology of rhythm and practise playing some different rhythms using their new instruments. Finally the children will working towards composing their own piece of music as a collective recycling orchestra.


This half term’s PE will focus on developing our swimming skills. Maple class are having the fantastic opportunity to go swimming this term with Orchard class. The children will need to ensure they have swimming kit with them, this must include: towel, swimming costume/trunks/shorts, swimming hat if your child wishes to have one and finally goggles which are also optional.