Maple Autumn 1

Autumn 1

Topic: Rocks, fossils and soils

This half-term Maple class is exploring the ground beneath our feet.



In English we are studying: explanation texts and descriptive poetry.



In maths we are exploring a range of topics, including: place value and mental calculation; 2D shape; length including perimeter; statistics, then moving onto written addition, subtraction and multiplications.



We are investigating rocks and soils, how they are formed, how you can tell one from another, and what humans use them for.



Our geography topic is volcanoes and earthquakes, and we are studying how people have adapted to living in areas of tectonic activity, and why they choose to live there!



In several parts of the world, people have had to adapt to the extreme conditions of living in an earthquake zone. Maple class is exploring, prototyping and testing earthquake-proof structures.



We are exploring rhythm and beat across a range of genres, and playing percussive instruments.



We are learning to code, using Purple Mash.



The children will continue to have Physical Friday, where they will develop their dance and football skills this half term.