Maple Autumn 2

How we used to live – Toys

During this half term, the whole school will be exploring the theme of how we used to live. Maple class will be exploring the world of toys and how they have changed over time.


This half term will see our topic become entwined with our writing. In our narrative writing, we will be exploring the story of The Nutcracker and developing our work on using description in our writing. In our non-fiction writing, we will be persuading people to purchase a new toy designed by Maple class. Finally, we will explore poetry and creating our poetry based on a theme.


This half term in Maths we will be focusing our learning on developing our times tables knowledge and using this to support our work with division. We will be progressing further in the area of fractions and working extensively on the area of measurement looking closely at reading measurements accurately, comparing measure and developing our knowledge on time. We will round off this half term with looking into 3D shapes and exploring examples in our everyday life.


To link with our school title of ‘How we used to live’ Maple class will be exploring the world of toys. We will be delving into the past of toys, what toys did children used to play with in different eras. In addition, we will be looking to take a trip to the Toy Gallery in The Judges Lodgings in Lancaster. Further details will be sent home nearer the time.


Maple class will be studying an artist called L.S Lowry; he has created many recognisable paintings. Maple class will be looking closely at his works that have children depicted in them. We will be experimenting with painting in the style of Lowry and then creating our own modern day painting using the skills we have explored.


This year is very exciting for Stepping Stones; we will be having weekly sessions with More Music. This half term Maple class have the fantastic opportunity to learn drumming. We will also be practising our singing skills ready for the Christmas Fair Afternoon performance.


This half term’s PE will focus on developing our swimming skills. Maple class are having the fantastic opportunity to go swimming this term with Orchard class. The children will need to ensure they have swimming kit with them, this must include towel, swimming costume/trunks/shorts, swimming hat if your child wishes to have one and finally goggles which are also optional.