Maple Spring 1


Maple class have had a wonderful half term exploring the fascinating country of Mexico.


The children have been working on a variety of writing skills. The children started with looking at poetry and different forms. We explored the structure of poems, in particular shape poems and rhyming couplets. The children created fantastic poems based on our work for Values. Next, we moved on to looking at discussion texts. Again, we explored the structure of these forms of texts. We then identified these structural features in a variety of examples. Finally, we created our own discussion text based on the question: Which is better Summer or Winter?


This half term in Maths we have been focusing our learning on developing our fractions knowledge and how we can find fractions in shapes, quantities and amounts. We used this knowledge to then practise our division skills. We explored how we needed sharing and grouping for us to complete division questions. Finally we continued to work on our recall of doubles and halves of numbers. This work was then related to our knowledge of times tables.


During this half term, Maple has been exploring the country of Mexico. We have been exploring the continents of the world, by naming and finding them on a globe. We then used our mapping skills to look at where Mexico was and how this related to our continents knowledge. We explored further the human and physical geography of Mexico. This included looking at how Mexico is the same and different from where we live.


Maple class focused their art work during Chinese New Year week. We looked at the famous painting of The Great Wave. We practised our skills of creating colour washes and using water colours. We then drew and painted our own picture of The Great Wave. After this, the children created a blossom wall hanging using a colour wash and using other tools to move paint around the paper.


This year is very exciting for Stepping Stones; we will be having weekly sessions with More Music. This half term Maple class have the fantastic opportunity to learn drumming. The children were able to explore further their drumming skills through Chinese New Year week.


This half term’s PE will focus on developing our swimming skills. Maple class are having the fantastic opportunity to go swimming this term with Oak class. The children will need to ensure they have swimming kit with them, this must include towel, swimming costume/trunks/shorts, swimming hat if your child wishes to have one and finally goggles which are also optional. Also, on Friday the children have been participating in PE lessons led by a sports coach.  This half term the children have been working on the invasion games, in particular, hockey.