Maple Spring 1

Spring 1

Topic: Ancient Egypt

This half-term Maple class is exploring all things Ancient Egypt.



In English we are studying: information texts and writing our own books about Egypt; after this, we are looking at Ancient Egyptian creation myths, and rewriting our own version as a book.



In maths we are exploring place value, mental addition and subtraction. Then we will develop our understanding of fractions and how they relate to division. We are also exploring volume, capacity and mass. Finally we will look at multiplications with statistics, money measures, as well as celebrating Maths Week!



We are investigating skeletons and bones this half term, looking at their features and purposes, and conducting our own investigation into tibia lengths across the school.



Our history topic is Ancient Egypt, and we are investigating mummies, pyramids, the Nile and Egyptian religion. We are also having a visit from a very familiar Egyptologist, Professor Barrington.



Archaeologists needed to take their most important kit with them on digs. We are exploring different bags, their strengths and weaknesses, and then designing and sewing our own archaeologists’ bag, to take to with us on our own adventure.



We have been following the Charanga music program and exploring reggae music, and learning to play Three Little Birds on the glockenspiel.



We are making our own video documentary about an aspect of Ancient Egypt.



The children will continue to have Physical Friday, where they will develop their dance and football skills this half term.