Maple Spring 2

Ancient Mayans

Maple class will be exploring the fascinating Ancient Mayans civilisation.


During this half term the children will be focussing on their narrative skills, we will be writing animal adventure stories. The children will be using our regular visitors, Pearl and Jeff to be the main characters of the story. We have already begun exploring an example animal story called ‘The tales of Olga da Polga’. During our writing sessions we will be working on our sentence structure and exploring the use of new punctuation. After this unit of work we will be linking our work in DT with our non-fiction writing of instructions, in particular writing recipes.


We have started the half term off by looking at 2D and 3D shapes. We have been exploring how to describe these shapes using key vocabulary such as: vertices, faces, sides and edges. Through the rest of the half term we will be developing our skills in measurements, statistics, fractions and position and direction.


This half term, Maple class will be exploring material properties and changes. We will be learning all about the different states of matter and how they change. While learning this new knowledge we will be developing further our working scientifically skills.


Maple class will be learning about programming, understanding what an algorithm is and debug programs that don’t work properly.


I’m sure you can guess from our page title that we will be exploring the world of the ancient Mayan civilisation. We will be looking at where they were in time in relation to us today. Also, we are comparing what important aspects they had that we use today, for example, a calendar. We will continue to dive into this area and explore just what life was like during this time.


Maple class will be developing their food and cooking skills this half term. The children will continue to look at Mexico but through their food and recreating Mexican recipes and designing our own recipe.


This year is very exciting for Stepping Stones; we will be having weekly sessions with More Music. This half term Maple class have the fantastic opportunity to learn drumming.


This half term’s PE will focus on developing our swimming skills. Maple class are having the fantastic opportunity to go swimming this term with Oak class. The children will need to ensure they have swimming kit with them, this must include towel, swimming costume/trunks/shorts, swimming hat if your child wishes to have one and finally goggles which are also optional. Also, on Friday the children have been participating in PE lessons led by a sports coach.  This half term the children will be working on developing their athletics skills. This will involve them practising their throwing skills and track and field skills.