Maple Summer 1


This half-term Maple Class will be exploring ‘The Wonderful World of Chocolate!


In English, the children will be studying advertisements, evaluating them and writing their own. This will be done alongside design and technology so that they can advertise their own product. The children will be studying instructions and poetry later in the term. Our author is Roald Dahl and we will be listening to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory amongst others written by him.


This half term in Maths we will be learning to use chunking method when solving divisions, we will be using our times tables facts to support us doing this. We will be working on measures, what different units of measure we have, how we change between the different units and practising our skills to measure more accurately. We will explore our skills in statistics looking at variety of data and interpreting them to answer different questions.


In Geography, we have been studying map skills and looking at what symbols on maps mean. The children will look at contour lines and what they represent and then plan, design and make their own maps. We will be comparing what we have learnt about the UK, with Brazil. The children will be comparing the areas looking at the human geography and learning the similarities and differences between life in them. Fair trade will be looked at too.


This term we will be studying Andy Warhol and Pop Art. The children will reinvent his work by incorporating our theme of chocolate. Painting and drawing skills will be used as well as how to combine colours.


This term the children will continue learning songs from Mamma Mia on Charanga. They will be accompanying the music with instruments using simple notes. They will learn to be in time and listen to the cues in the music.


This half term’s PE will focus on developing our ball skills and athletics skills. We will be looking at techniques when throwing, running, balancing and jumping as well as working as a team. We will show that we can perform both independently and with a partner. The children will have the opportunity to play games associated with these skills.