Oak Autumn 1

This half-term our topic is Chocolate. In English we will be exploring the wonderful story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The children will continue to develop their sentence structure and creating descriptive writing. In our non-fiction work we be exploring non-chronological reports and use these to develop our formal report writing skills further.

We will be learning about decimals, angles and perimeter in Maths whilst we continue to practise the key skills and methods we need to help us with our learning.

In Science, we will be studying the topic Materials, reversible and irreversible changes. We will be looking at the different states of materials and how these can changed by applying different processes. We will be investigating how these processes affect the materials. In History, we will be exploring how the importance of chocolate in the Aztec era and how chocolate has helped to change the UK.

During the extra morning sessions, we will be learning about the school’s values, PSHE which will focus on Keeping Safe, Relax Kids and Zones of Regulation work once a week to help us with our social and emotional education and understanding.

We will also be designing and creating chocolate bars in DT, exploring how to manipulate images, videos and text in Computing.

We hope the children in Oak Class have a fantastic term.

Miss Hunter and the Oak Team.