Oak Autumn 1

Here We Are

This half-term Oak class will be using the Oliver Jeffers book, Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth, to explore and develop key skills across the subjects.


In English we will be studying the text Here We Are, the film of the text and stories with matching themes, and using these to help us write our own narrative stories. We will then be using the illustrations from Here We Are to inspire us to create Non Fiction Information Texts and write poetry.


We will be focusing on developing a solid understanding of place value and number. We will be working on our mental and written addition and subtraction skills. We will ensure we have the key skills in place so we can explore number challenges and problem solving using them.


In Science, we will be using the Here We Are illustrations to inspire deep questions to investigate. We are focusing on developing the key skills of questioning and prediction.


In Geography, we will look at the wonderful planet we live on. We will be studying maps and the way the continents and countries formed and we will be exploring the physical and human geography in different parts of the world.


We are going to be developing our key skills of colour mixing and shades and tints. We will be using a variety of mediums, including watercolour and digital painting, to create art work inspired by Oliver Jeffers.


We will start the term focusing on internet safety and our roles and responsibilities when online. Then we will be exploring algorithms through a coding unit on Purple Mash.


We are developing our understanding of pitch and tempo by looking at a variety of music genres through Charanga music units. We will be using the Boomwhackers to explore our key skills understanding.


This half term we are developing our passing and receiving skills using a wide range of PE equipment, to enable us to explore how these skills can be applied to different sports.


Oak Team are really looking forward to a fun and action packed half term in our class!