Oak Autumn 2

Here We Are – Then

This half-term Oak class will be continuing learning about our world by focusing on a major event in British history – the sinking of the Titanic.


In English we will be studying a range of fiction texts inspired by the story of the Titanic, and a variety of non fiction texts that explore the history of the Titanic in a fun and factual way. We will be producing historical narrative stories in our fiction unit. Our non fiction unit will focus on 1st person recount through diaries.


We will be continuing to develop a solid understanding of place value and number through a range of problem solving opportunities. We will be working on our mental and written multiplication and division skills. We will ensure we have the key skills in place so we can explore number challenges and problem solving using them.


In Science, we will be focusing on developing the key skills of creating results and writing conclusions through a range of investigations inspired by the Titanic. These will include exploring floating and sinking, making flares and investigating how far we can make a paddleboat travel using the energy from an elastic band.


In History, we will look at the history of the Titanic and why the story of the ‘unsinkable’ ships is so fascinating to people, even after all these years. We will explore key facts in the timeline of the Titanic. We will learn about the different types of people aboard the ship and why they would be travelling on the Titanic. We will also consider the legacy left behind after the tragedy.


We are going to be using our design skills and developing our construction skills to build a floating boat! We will be seeing how many passengers (marbles!) our boats can hold before they sink!!


We will start the term focusing on internet safety and our roles and responsibilities when online. Then we will be exploring algorithms through a coding unit using the online site Code For Life.


We are developing our understanding of duration, timbre and texture by exploring music from a range of genres. We will be rehearsing our Christmas production – creating a fantastic musical presentation for our parents!


This half term we are developing the key skills needed for tennis. We will be considering the importance of keeping a healthy body and its relationship with a healthy mind. We will also be thinking about heart rate as an indicator of a good exercise routine.

Oak Team are really looking forward to another fun and action packed half term in our class!