Oak Spring 1

Our Island – Northern Island

This half-term Oak class will be learning about the United Kingdom, with a focus on Northern Ireland.


In English we will be studying a range of fiction texts inspired by the myths and legends of Northern Ireland, such as the story of the giant Finn McCool building the Giant’s Causeway. We will also be holding debates about issues relevant to tourism in Northern Ireland.


We will be focusing on time, money and other measures. We will ensure we keep developing our key calculation skills so we can explore number challenges and problem solving using them.


In Science, we will be focusing on developing the key skills of investigation. We will do this through content linked to states of matter (changes between solids, liquids and gases) and magnets and forces.

History and Geography

In History, we will look at key moments in the history of Northern Ireland. We will learn about past and more recent events. In Geography we will place Northern Ireland on a map of the United Kingdom, we will learn about it’s capital city and we will learn about physical and manmade aspects of the country.


We are going to be using our design skills to create a themed product and design and make the packaging for it.


We will start the term focusing on internet safety and our roles and responsibilities when online. Then we will be exploring how we can create content for different audiences using a range of ICT tools.


We are developing our understanding of the key features of music and how we can use our growing musical vocabulary to describe a piece of music.


This half term we are continuing to develop the key skills needed for tennis. We will be considering the importance of keeping a healthy body and its relationship with a healthy mind. We will also be thinking about heart rate as an indicator of a good exercise routine.

Oak Team are really looking forward to another fun and action packed half term in our class!