Oak Spring 1

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World War 2

This half-term Oak class will be exploring the past and how life was during World War 2.


In English we will be studying the text, Friend or Foe and using this to help us write our own historical narrative. After this text we will be looking at newspaper articles and writing our own about the key events of the WW2.


We will be continuing to work on our skills of addition and subtraction of decimals, written multiplication methods and identifying factors, multiples, square and cube numbers. We will further explore the areas of measures and geometry, including reflection, translation and angles.


In History, we will look further into the reasons why the war happened, how the people of Britain coped, including the evacuation of children from the large cities and the formation of the Home Front


We have kick started our topic with some amazing artwork created through screen printing, I’m sure you would agree that they look amazing! The children learnt the skills to use screen printing and the created their own image using different layers of colour.


During World War 2 many people used a variety of shelters to help protect them from the bombing. During these lessons we are going to explore different shelters, test the strength of different materials. Finally, the children will design and create their own model shelter suitable for people to use during the bombing.


We have begun to look at songs and the style of music around during World War 2 and how they helped the soldiers feel. We have learnt to sing and play another song. The children are going to explore composing their own lyrics and sounds to make a soundscape.


The children will continue to have Physical Friday, where they will develop their dance and football skills this half term.