Oak Spring 2

Into the Forest

This half-term Oak class will be exploring the contrast of forests both here in the UK and abroad.


In English we will be studying various texts, such as, The Explorer by Katherine Rundell and The Great Kapok Tree. We will be working on developing our skills in creating persuasive writing. Also, we will be exploring and writing our own story from another culture.


This half term in Maths we will be learning to use chunking method when solving divisions, we will be using our times tables facts to support us doing this. We will be working on measures, what different units of measure we have, how we change between the different units and practising our skills to measure more accurately. We will explore our skills in statistics looking at variety of data and interpreting them to answer different questions.


In Geography, we will be looking t developing our map skills by identifying rainforests across the world and the main forests in the UK. The children will be comparing the areas looking at the physical geography differences between the two different areas.


This half term we will be developing our drawing and painting skills looking closely at colour blending and mixing tonal colours. The children research and analyse the work of Henri Rousseau and practise his painting skills.


We are going to be developing our skills in singing from looking at popular song ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams. We will look at the composition of the song, learning to sing it ourselves and developing our own lyrics.


This half term’s PE will focus on developing our Gymnastic skills. We will be looking at different balances that we can perform both independently and with a partner. The children will have the opportunity to create and perform their own sequences to demonstrate these new skills.

The children will still have Military Monday so they will need a spare kit in school as we will be outside in the playground.