Oak Summer 1

Local Landmarks

This half-term Oak class will be learning about the city of Lancaster and important landmarks in our local area.


In English we will be studying the Shakespeare play Macbeth, learning to write autobiographies and biographies and creating poetry inspired by Lancaster.


We will be focusing on number and place value, and we will begin to look at the next step from our previous learning this year, in core calculation strategies, starting with addition and subtraction. We will continue to explore number challenges and problem solving using them every day.


In Science, we will be learning about plants. We will learn what a plant needs to survive, how plants germinate and how they form part of many different food cycles. We will explore this topic through a range of investigations which will allow us to continue to focus on developing the key skills of investigation.


In Geography, we are going to focus on developing our mapping skills. We will be looking at lots of different maps, including sketch, tourist and Ordnance Survey maps. We will also look at historical maps of Lancaster and studying how the human and physical geographical features of the city have changed over time.


We are going to be learning how to manipulate textiles. We will focus on developing three types of sewing stitch and then we will use these to create a 3D fidgit toy for a younger child.


We will start the term focusing on internet safety and our roles and responsibilities when online. Then we will be developing our skills in using technology to create videos using iMovie.


This half term we will be learning a new skill – we will be learning how to use sign language to communicate. We have two students from the university leading our music lessons as we learn to sing and sign the song A Million Dreams.


This half term we are going to be developing our athletics skills in the first few weeks of the half term. Then we will be working with coaches from Morecambe Football Club who will be teaching us skills related to a specific sport each week, e.g. basketball, football.

The whole of Oak Team are really looking forward to exploring our rich and varied curriculum this half term.