Oak Summer 1

Bella Italia

This half-term Oak class will be exploring the fabulous European country of Italy.

As you know this half term is very important to our Year 6 children as they will be sitting their SAT tests. We will be supporting and guiding the children through this with practise and looking at the different questions the children may come up against.


This half term we will be exploring the infamous work of Shakespeare, in particular his play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We will be looking closely at the different worlds and how the characters are all intertwined within the story.


This half term in Maths the children will be exploring further the area of number, in particular decimals, also they will developing the understanding of fractions, time, angles and shapes and practising written multiplication and division methods.


In Geography, we will be using our mapping skills to identify different regions of Italy. We will look closely at the physical geography of this country, especially the several volcanoes this beautiful country has.


We will be working on our cooking skills and looking closely at food which has originated from this country and allowing the children recreate these foods. The children will working towards creating a class menu of Italian food created by them.


We are going to develop our understanding of notes, chords and playing them through the use of the boom whackers. The children will be learning musical pieces to play during our Summer open afternoon.


This half term’s PE will focus on developing our Athletics skills. We will be improving our running and throwing skills whilst looking at different lengths of running, the javelin throw and the shot put. The children will still have Military Monday so they will need a spare kit in school as we will be outside in the playground.