Oak Summer 2

Slavery and Trade

This half-term Oak class will be learning about the importance of St George’s Quay in Lancaster and its links to slavery and trade.


In English we will be studying Narrative writing and creating our own stories inspired by the short film ‘Marshmallows’. We will be using the text ‘Tuesday’ to look at report writing, diary entries and newspapers.


We are looking at the next step from our previous learning this year in the core calculation strategies. We will be focusing on the four calculations of addition and subtraction, multiplication and division.  We will continue to explore number challenges and problem solving using them every day.


In Science, we will be learning about Teeth and the Digestive System.  We will explore this topic through a range of investigations, which will allow us to continue to focus on developing the key skills of investigation, including testing sugary drinks on ‘tooth enamel’ (eggshells!) and ‘making poo’!


In History, we are continuing to study the local area. We will be learning about the rich history of St George’s Quay and its importance in the evolution and dissolution of the slave trade in Great Britain.

Art and Computing

We are going to be using computer software to create art work. We will begin by emulating different artists’ styles through programmes in 2Paint a Picture. We will then complete a focused artist study of David Hockney before we create our own piece of digital art based on St George’s Quay.


This half term we will be learning a song as a whole school ready for our end of term performance for our parents.


This half term we are going to be developing our games skills, working with coaches from Morecambe Football Club who will be teaching us skills related to a specific sport each week, e.g. basketball, football.

The whole of Oak Team are really looking forward to exploring our rich and varied curriculum this half term.