Oak Summer 2

All Change!

This half term Oak are having a change to their working day. The children won’t be working towards a reward time at the end of the day they will be working towards an instant reward after each session. This will allow the children to have a better success rate with their learning.

English and Maths

The children will still be learning English and Maths but will be focussing on skills work. They will still have regular reading done in the day with an adult as this will allow them to discuss the text they are reading.

Theme week

The class will be working through subject theme weeks. This will allow them to focus their skills.I am particularly looking forward to our Art week, as we will be having the fantastic local artist, Chas Jacobs, come in to work with the children.

Wellbeing Wednesday

Every Wednesday the children will take part in Wellbeing Wednesday, this involves the children developing their life skills, for example: washing, cleaning, taking the bus, making a more formal phone call. Also, the children will be developing their cooking skills to help support them in becoming more independent as they grow older.

Independent Project

The children will have the chance to develop their own personal project in a slotted time at the end of the day. The children will be allowed to choose an area to work on, for example, cooking, wood building, art, etc. The children will need to decide what they are going to make and work independently to problem solve any issues that may arise.