Orchard Autumn 1

Our school topic this term is ‘Our Precious World’ In English we are looking at non –fiction texts with a focus on rain forest animals and are looking towards producing fact files about animals that are endangered or under threat from climate change. Our ‘fiction focus’ will be writing stories about the rain forest and the threats it faces from deforestation, using the ‘Great Kapok Tree’ as our main text. In maths we will be learning about place value, statistics, time, shape and measures whilst we continue to practice the key skills we need to help us with our learning.

In Science, we will be studying the topic ‘Exciting Electricity’ as well as developing our understanding of renewable and non-renewable energy sources. In Geography we are investigating Climate Change. We will be learning about ‘biomes’ and how a change in the climate can cause massive disruption to the life in these different areas on planet earth.

In our morning sessions, we will be learning about the school’s values, PSHE which will focus on Keeping Safe and Zones of Regulation work once a week to help us with our social and emotional education and understanding.

In PE we are focusing on swimming.

We are looking forward to working with Rick from More Music who is teaching Orchard Class how to play the ukulele. He will be in school every Thursday throughout he year.