Orchard Spring 1

Welcome to Spring 1

Don’t be alarmed about the picture above, all will be explained.

In Orchard Class this half term we are looking forward to ‘Military Mondays’. An instructor from the ‘School of Military’ will be in school every Monday. The aims of these sessions are to work on teamwork and develop our school values through new and exciting activities.

We are also looking forward to ‘Maths Week’, where we will have the opportunity to learn about our amazing mathematical world in different and interesting ways ways.

In English our focus will be on science fiction.

Our main Science focus is ‘The Earth in Space’. We will be learning about the Solar System and the Moon.

In Geography we will be learning about ‘Marvellous Maps’ this includes learning about atlases, OS Maps, points of the compass, grid references.

In PE, Orchard class will be swimming at Carnforth Pool, developing their swimming and water survival skills.

Underpinning all our work we continue to teach the children about Values, PSHE and Zones of Regulation.