Orchard Class


Welcome to Orchard’s Class Page



Orchard Class is taught by Miss Hunter and is supported by Mrs Rossall and Miss West.

We have children who are in Year 5 and Year 6 within the class.


Last half term we learnt about Carbon Footprints. During this topic we learnt about the importance of trying to reduce our individual carbon footprints. We looked at the negative impact a high carbon footprint has on the environment and what steps we can make as a community to make a more positive impact on our local and global environment.

We explored the importance of seasonality and used local produce when we studied food technology in DT.


This half term we are learning about Crime and Punishment. During the topic, we will be learning about how punishments’ have changed over the years. We will be exploring more closely the local history of the Pendle Witches and how this is linked to our local area. This will lead to an exciting trip to Lancaster Castle to learn further information and create a presentation of what we have learnt. Further work linked to this topic will be explored in Art using sculpture work.  

We are currently reading Harry Potter and the Philospher’s Stone by J.K.Rowling.

Our class is focusing on speaking respectfully to others and saying okay to our learning straightaway.