Maple Class

Welcome to Maple Class


Maple Class is taught by Miss Bradbury and is supported by Miss Glover and Mrs Bzainia.


Maple Class are currently made up of Y3, 4 and 5 children. The class is a very calm and highly structured class. Building positive relationships is a key element of the classroom, as we aim for the children to feel comfortable in their environment and to feel valued for all of their contributions. We provide a differentiated curriculum to meet every child’s needs, and we teach through a thematic approach to make the learning real and relevant to their lives.


Last Term we learnt about ‘Fair Trade’ from both global and local sources. We studied how this can support workers from around the world, and how it affects our carbon footprint. We used a variety of maps and food products to understand how we might find or recognise Fair Trade products and where they might come from. The children also did a local study to plot which shops in Lancaster sell Fair Trade products.


This Term, we are going to be studying different ‘Kings and Queens’ throughout English History, that we will look at through different subjects as a thematic approach. We are also going to explore ‘Collage’ within Art, and we are looking at ‘Skeletons and Movement’ in Science, which links to our ‘Gymnastics and Dance’ topic in PE.


Our current class novel is ‘James and the Giant Peach’, by Roald Dahl.