Maple Class

Welcome to Maple Class

Maple Class is taught by Mr Holt and is supported by Mrs Bzainia and Miss Watson.

We have children who are in Year 3, 4 and 5 within the class.

Maple Newsletter Summer 1

Last half term we had an amazing half term. We looked at several different topics across the curriculum. In science we looked at animals including humans. We focused on our bodies and the digestive system! In history we looked and Mayans and Aztecs and how they effected the way we live today. We looked in detail at their number system solving maths problems like the Mayans! In English the children wrote some outstanding fables which all had a meaning linked to the values throughout our school!

Maple Newsletter Spring 2

Last half term we explored the the local land around us, in particular the mountains of the Lake District. In Science, we developed our knowledge on living things and their habitats. 

Maple Newsletter Spring 1

In Autumn Term 2 our topic was Transport Through Time. We focused on how transport has changed through time and the key break throughs in technology which allow us to travel safely and easily across the world. We continued to work on a range of music skills in our weekly lessons with Rick from More Music.

Maple Newsletter Autumn 2


During Autumn 1 Maple Class have been carrying out some wonderful learning focusing on our planet and what we can do to protect it. 

We looked at what we as a school can do to promote recycling and we even created newspaper articles based on plastic pollution!

We also started our More Music session, Yoga session, and had an amazing outdoor adventure trip to Borwick Hall.

Maple Newsletter Autumn 1