Staff Team

Management Team

Miss Jane Meacham – Acting Head teacher

Mrs Katie Greenwood – Outreach Manager

Mrs Micaela Armstrong – Pupil Pathway Manager

Mrs Vicki Van Mechelen – Acting Assistant Headteacher and PPA teacher

School Business / Office

Mrs Dionne Davies – School Business Manager

Mrs Sudha Chavalli – Business Support

Our School Meals are made by our wonderful housekeeper on site Mrs Emma Houghton who also keeps our school clean and tidy.

Outreach Support

Mrs Katie Greenwood

Miss Eve Govier

Class Teams

ELM Class Teacher – Miss Lucy Bradbury

Miss Ellie West, Mrs Laura Turner – Teaching Assistants

HAZEL Class Teacher – Miss Kirstie Hunter – Acting Assistant Headteacher

Miss Steph Watson and Mrs Cathy Moorhouse – Teaching Assistants

MAPLE Class Teacher – Mr Adam Holt

Mrs Bzanina- Teaching Assistant

OAK Class Teacher – Miss Wilkie

Mrs Sara Rossall – Teaching Assistant

Miss Holly Elderton – Apprentice Teaching Assistant

Higher Level Teaching Assistant – Mrs Tammy Graham works across the whole school