Elm Class

Welcome to Elm Class.

Elm Class is taught by Miss Bradbury and is supported by Miss Watson, Miss Potts, and Mrs Dawson.  We currently have children in Year 1, 2 and 5.

We understand that we all have unique learning styles, so we try to provide a variety of learning formats that meet individual needs. Our learning is taught through individual and small group sessions where we provide opportunities for exploratory learning with a tailored approach to suit everyone. Our aim is to provide a learning environment where children can explore freely, build on their strengths, and develop their understanding of familiar and new concepts. We have a heavy focus on developing children’s social skills and their understanding of the world around them; by teaching them strategies that can be used to both in and out of the school environment.

Another key element to our curriculum is providing ‘play and learn’ opportunities where the children have the chance to learn through play; this is linked to their more formal learning. The provision that is provided is there to enhance key learning and skills through a carefully planned curriculum that promotes a love of learning.

A key element to our learning environment, is building positive relationships between children and staff to enable them to express themselves freely, listen to others, and discuss their thoughts without judgement. We want every child to feel valued and that their voice is heard. We support the children in Elm Class to flourish, with a strong focus on them becoming independent learners where the children are able and confident to facilitate their own learning.

Spring 2: 

Spring 2 Newsletter

Spring 1:

Elm Spring 1 Newsletter

Autumn 2:

We have had a very busy half term, we learnt about new explorers and how they influenced our life now. We looked into the fascinating area of Light and found out how it travels and how it can keep us safe. Our final topic was Seasons, we built winter houses for animals to keep safe during these cold months and created collages using natural materials around us. 

Elm Autumn 2 Newsletter

Autumn 1:

In Autumn 1, we looked at ‘Printing’ in Art, where we learnt what ‘printing’ was and how we can create repeating patterns using specific shapes and colours. This required lots of perseverance, but Elm Class worked very hard to complete their learning.

We also looked ‘Materials’ in Science where we looked at identifying different materials in a variety of environments, as well as looking at the different properties of each material. Elm Class love to go outside and explore the environment.

In Geography, the children learnt about our Continents and Oceans. They constructed their own maps and enjoyed making their ‘own versions’ of the world. We developed our fine motors skills and worked hard on creating accurate maps; they also learnt about different animals from each continent too.

Elm Class have worked extremely hard on their ‘self-regulation’ and have learnt about a variety of techniques and strategies that can be used to support them. We have learnt about visualisations, where they lie on the floor and focus on their breathing to calm their bodies; they have also learnt about and practised yoga to help centre their bodies and regulate themselves.

Elm Autumn 1 Newsletter


Autumn 2:

This half term we are looking at variety of Explorers: Christopher Columbus, Amelia Earhart, Matthew Henson, and Neil Armstrong. We have developed our knowledge through lots of practical activities to help us learn. In Science, we are focusing on developing our Scientific Investigation Skills through lots of themed topics, for example looking at different Materials for designing and making planes for Amelia Earhart. Our fortnightly topics this half term will be Explorers, Light, and Seasons. We have a great opportunity this half term as we have a specialist teacher that is coming in to help us breath and regulate our bodies through ‘stretch and movements’, which is taught through Yoga.