Elm Class

Welcome to Elm Class.

Elm Class will be taught by the class teacher Miss Bradbury and supported by the teaching assistants Miss Watson and Miss Potts We are a currently a mixed Y1 and Y2 class. 

We know that everyone learns differently, so we try to allow the children to engage in a variety of learning formats that meet individual’s needs. We provide small group or individual, direct learning which is tailored accurately for specific learners’ needs; we can build upon their strengths and help to develop and improve their understanding of topics with which they are interested in.

By building positive relationships in the classroom, the children feel comfortable to talk and let them us help them through the day without judgement; the children feel valued and a part of the whole school  community.

We support the children in Elm Class to flourish and place emphasis on them becoming independent learners where the children are able and confident to facilitate their own learning. The children have full access to our outdoor environment which is child led and most importantly, where learning has no limits.

Elm Autumn 1 Newsletter