Professional Development

Current Training Spring Term 2021

The following courses are available via Zoom, funded by the Inclusion hubs (free to schools).

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District 1: 

ADHD: 11/03/2109.00-11.30

ADHD 18/03/21  13.0015.30

ACE’s: 25/02/21 09.00-11.30

ACE’s: 04/03/21 13.00-15.30

 District 2

ADHD:  05/03/21 13.00-15.30

ADHD: 24/03/21  09.00-11.30

ACE’s: 26/02/21  13.00-15.30

ACE’s: 25/03/21  09.00-11.30–spj4oE9LKQJEVSGlVJTix7xBA16aV

 District 4

ADHD: 10/03/21 09.00-11.30–vrzspHtJQOkVSHXetNfXfZYJdQKCt

ADHD  17/03/21 13.00-15.30

ACE’s: 24/02/21 09.00-11.30

ACE’s  03/03/21 13.00-15.30


Training Available

Please book via E-mail:

Stepping Stones are passionate about inclusive education for all children, raising standards for all learners. Our courses are designed and delivered by specialist teachers. CPD will be tailored to the specific needs of your school and staff, following discussion with your SLT.

During 2019-20 training was delivered to 184 staff from 36 schools across the 3 Districts. Feedback from the training was 100% ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very Good’. Following up the training staff responded to a survey with 100% reporting a positive impact on the behaviour of the child and 100% reporting the child was accessing learning in a more positive way.

Menu of Generic Training Packages

Supporting Neuro Diversity to Enable Inclusion in the Classroom – practical strategies for classroom behaviour management.

Attachment and Emotion Coaching supporting schools in working with pupils with Attachment and emotional regulation difficulties.

Supporting Pupils with ACE’s, Attachment & Early Trauma gives an understanding of ACE’s and brain development. Supporting schools in working with pupils experiencing emotional regulation difficulties due to attachment & traumatic experiences.

Supporting Pupils with ADHD gives an understanding of the this neurodevelopmental condition and strategies to support.

Supporting Pupils with ASC gives an understanding of this neurodevelopmental condition and strategies to support.

Understanding and Supporting Sensory Processing gives an understanding of this neurodevelopmental condition with practical strategies to support associated behaviour.

Supporting Neuro Diversity Within the Classroom – ADHD and ASD gives a ‘whistle stop tour’ of the neurodevelopmental conditions and strategies to support. This is a 3 hour or full day course.

Using Circle Time to Promote Better Behaviour & Positive Relationships and problem solving within the classroom.

Promoting Positive Behaviour & Relationships for the KS1 Child Inclusive strategies to support the challenging KS1 child in the classroom and 1:1

Understanding & Responding to Sexualised Behaviour Looking at what is natural, healthy behaviour & how to respond to problematic sexualized behaviour. Strategies to support including safety plans, how to respond to disclosures.

Positive Lunchtimes’ supporting lunchtime supervisors with practical strategies and ideas.

SEN and IEP Support.





One of the most rewarding, informative, to the punch line kind of training sessions I have ever attended”.

“Fantastic delivery – very relatable. Lots of ideas to use in KS1.”

“Extremely useful – lots of practical advice & tips, not only for 1:1, but for the whole class”

“Lots of excellent ideas to take into the classroom. She encouraged self reflection. Feeling motivated now.”

“Such useful training – feel much more positive about managing some behavior in my classroom now. Clear & engaging presenter.”

“Everything was presented very clearly & in a fun way to help us remember.”

“An excellent delivery & explanation of ASC &ADHD. Really enjoyed it – good balance of background knowledge & practical classroom activities.”

“Brilliant presentation. Wonderful & useful course-full of strategies that will be useful within the classroom. Very engaging. Diane made ASC & ADHD accessible to everyone.”

“The presenter was really calming – a lot of information I can take away.”





HALF DAY: £470

FULL DAY: £780