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Throughout all of our curriculum we embed values education. This was highly commended in our recent Values Audit, where we were recognised as an Enhanced Values Based School. (1 of 22 schools internationally)

The report stated….

Stepping Stones is a short stay school where every day is full of challenges, but where the wellbeing of the pupils is set firmly at the heart of everything the school does. Every child is cared for and staff work hard to understand each child.

There is a strong and carefully structured rewards system. It is applied consistently by all staff and is based on mutual trust and unconditional positive regard

During their time at Stepping Stones, the pupils learn that there are positive human Values which are valued throughout society. Staff are outstanding role models and inspire pupils to do their best.

The emphasis at Stepping Stones is on building pupils’ self-awareness so that they can develop self-leadership. The levels of ‘time-out’ illustrate this very well. There is escorted time-out, then directed time-out, but ultimately self-led time out. The latter demonstrates that the pupil has now recognised their own need for space and can self-regulate. Staff have taken part in many training opportunities to develop this kind of approach.

Parents speak about the amazing difference in their children and how they now feel that they have a place in the world. They are accepted and valued. Pupils are taught about their own emotions and encouraged to recognise how these affect their behaviour. One parent told me that she would like to ‘clone all the staff and put them in every school’.

VbE is the thread running through all areas of the curriculum. It forms the basis of everything that Stepping Stones does

Stepping Stones is a shining and outstanding example of a VbE school

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