Post Covid Return to School


Click on the link to see some ideas to help with pupil transition of SEMH pupils from home to school:

Post Covid Transition Support – some ideas

Phone Support

Our specialist teachers are here to support you with any queries you might have in supporting vulnerable/valuable pupils. You can phone for free support if your school have engaged with the Universal Offer (See SLA) on the following numbers:

Diane Sheron: 01524-942788

Anne Shepherd: 07796693956

Please note both work part time, but will endeavour to return your calls within 48 hours.

ZOOM Support

We are providing two virtual Q&A sessions through the platform of ZOOM to support you with any queries you might have regarding the support of vulnerable/valuable pupils following the Covid virus. These are at 4.00-5.00 on Wednesday 24/06/20 and Wednesday 01/07/20. They are free to schools who have engaged with the Universal Offer (See SLA).

Please book for these events through Email:


Support Packages

We have created a package specifically to support pupils who might be struggling to manage a return to school. This can be purchased – see SLA and complete this form to request the support.


Strategies to aid reintegration following Covid Virus Lockdown.

Coming soon.