Outreach Support

Stepping Stones supports mainstream primary schools within Districts 1, 2 and 4.

This support can be commissioned to provide advice for individual pupils, whole classes, individual staff, parents and staff CPD. 

Each district has been allocated Local Authority funds to commission services to support the inclusion and prevent the exclusion of its pupils. Stepping Stones have worked with each district to ensure their requirements are met and bespoke support has been created.

Our Outreach Team can provide packages of support for individual pupils, groups of children, whole classes and for staff, either through peer coaching or through whole staff training, which can be commissioned as we go through the school year, (See details in SLA).

Alternatively our team can meet with your SLT to identify and establish whole areas of need within your school, perhaps with the development of a behaviour policy and a mental health curriculum as well as staff support within classes. Our Outreach Manager, Katie Greenwood,  is happy to discuss this with you (Phone: 01524-67164 Ext 2).

When commissioning the Universal Offer of Support from Stepping Stones Outreach Team,  access is enabled for:

  • Access to the Outreach Team’s Telephone Advice and Support Service; ensuring prompt advice and guidance regarding pupil behaviour (this can also be in the form of a prebooked face to face Teams call, email Katie Greenwood at k.greenwood@steppingstones.lancs.sch.uk to arrange this).
  • Termly ‘Inclusion Network Meetings’ (District 1 and 4). This is a network meeting to provide support and guidance, share updates, good practice, creative ideas and strategies to support inclusion. Staff will attend from each support service available through the District Inclusion Hub, including the Outreach team and the Behaviour Mentors. 
  • Option to purchase consultancy hours (including those pupils with an EHCP) and support packages at any time throughout the year.
  • Option to request a placement at Stepping Stones school and a supported reintegration.