Individual Support Feedback

The support we have received from OST is always excellent and has proved invaluable. When a suggested strategy hasn’t worked, they have provided alternative approaches and staff always go away feeling positive and enpowered. (Deputy Head Teacher)

Words cannot express how useful the strategies were for a struggling staff. Working alongside the staff, helping and guiding them along the way, gave them the confidence to cope with a spiralling situation. The support given to the family was also extremely helpful. (Class Teacher)

The report gave positive suggestions that we have put in place. It has been a pleasure working with Stepping Stones  – we have managed to turn a child round and he is now thriving in our school. (Head Teacher)

The impact on my whole class has been huge. They are no longer ‘at war’ and are now communicating and working well together. (Key Stage Leader & Class Teacher)

Parent Feedback

At one point i felt hopeless and every day was getting phone calls from school. Now he’s a lot happier and says he likes school. He never refuses to go to school, whereas at one time I couldn’t even get him in the car.

There has been less exclusions and I have seen a difference at home.

He’s started believing in himself a lot more which is amazing, and enjoying school a lot more.

Staff Training

Very clearly explained, lots of useful links to resources and lots of practical strategies to use in school (Head Teacher – ACE’s  Whole School Staff Training)

This session was extremely useful and fascinating. The presenter was lovely, knowledgeable and very passionate. (Teaching Assistant – Practical Strategies to Support Attachment & ACE’s)